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Teachers are the best tutors, and we make it easy to hire a qualified teacher to be your child's summertime tutor.

Fill out the inquiry form below to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION. We will contact you within 24 hours to set aside a time to speak on the phone. You will have the opportunity to discuss the specific services you need. Our tutors are teachers who are ready to craft individualized lessons of summer coursework.

Summer Blazers Tutoring

Need more than one tutor? You can buy a block of hours and split the time.

While all of our teachers come from independent schools, we service all families and all learners, not just those who attend independent schools.

Our tutors act as independent contractors and provide services for elementary, middle, and upper school students in various academic subjects, the arts, and standardized test preparation. All tutors are vetted, including a CORI check. Placement is dependent on availability. Most tutors provide their own supplies.

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Canton, MA

"Reading was just beginning to click for our kindergarten child at the end of the school year. Summer Blazers matched us with a wonderful teacher whose expertise and patience kept reading fun and fresh throughout the summer months. He looked forward to the weekly visits from his tutor and happily practiced throughout the week with the special books he picked from her collection. My son returned to school a more confident and advanced reader."


Westborough, MA

"It was a pleasure to have our Summer Blazers tutor give music lessons to our two boys last summer. Our boys, aged 14 and 12 had saxophone and trumpet lessons. Both boys play in jazz band in their school. Our tutor was able to bring out the enthusiasm and love of the music in both of the boys. He was very friendly, and his connection with the boys was amazing. Our tutor was able to make lessons interesting and exciting. Both of our boys enjoyed taking lessons, and we would highly recommend Summer Blazers to any of the parents who are looking to get their kids excited and interested in jazz music."