Independent school teachers specializing in summer learning


Why independent school teachers?

There are a few reasons:

Teachers are the best tutors.
Independent school teachers have the most summer vacation availability. 
Most independent school teachers come with experience working with placement agencies.
Independent school families tend to appreciate the benefits of hiring an independent school teacher as a tutor. Every independent school has their own special qualities, and every teacher at these schools has his or her own unique skills. However, all Summer Blazers tutors carry with them a deep understanding and respect for the culture of independent schools. Summer tutoring by an independent school teacher can take the form of a private, custom made summer school class taught by an expert. This separates us from other agencies. 

Can public school families hire a Summer Blazer?

Of course! We serve all students and all different types of learning profiles. We believe that students who are transferring from a public school into an independent school will find our services particularly helpful.

How much of the tutoring charge do Summer Blazers tutors keep?

80%. This is much more than other agencies because our tutors have more experience.

If I am already tutoring, do I have to submit my established clients through Summer Blazers?

No, but you may if you wish. Many tutors make use of our agency rather than act independently.

Do tutors pay a fee to join?

Yes. There is a $25 fee to cover the cost of a CORI background check.

Do families pay an extra fee to join?

There is no extra fee or hidden charge.

How do teachers become Summer Blazers tutors?

All tutors must be current independent school teachers. They are interviewed, they submit proof of employment, and we conduct a CORI check.

Any other questions?

Please contact us! 508-380-5720, or